Monday, May 31, 2010

The Simple Pleasures New Technology Findings Can Bring!

I love introducing a new concept or a simple new technology item to the classroom.  It is amazing as an educator to sit back and watch the wonder unfold. Children can be so easily engaged and curiously motivated to learn something new, and discover how things 'work' independently.
Sometimes the best way to accomplish this playful discovery is to just watch them explore and learn without disruption.  It is amazing how the child so often teaches the educator to sit back, enjoy, and appreciate the simple pleasures new technology findings can bring.
I found this video and it was a small but adorable reminder to do just that!


  1. So very true!! I actually watched my two year old son figure out how to use my digital camera! It was so interesting to watch because he was so engaged and determined. Just through trial and error he figured out how to open the lense, zoom and take a picture....of the floor, but still :)

  2. I think this is a lesson we should all remember as educators -- whatever level we teach at. Our biggest job, sometimes, is getting things started and then getting out of the way of the learner. As teachers, we so often want to intrude on the learning to make it more efficient ("Here, let me just show you this so you can do the rest yourself!"). I'm a big believer in playful learning, where we immerse ourselves in something and have the time and freedom to mess around with it as long as we like. Of course, we don't have the freedom as educators to approach everything like this, but it is certainly something we need to keep in our bag of tricks.