Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Have Seen the Light

I have a light table in my classroom. When we had it delivered it was exciting for all! We found a place for it, plugged it in, and wow it did indeed light up.... then what?
This is where the meaningful integration of technology takes place! What could we do to really use this light table to our advantage? I wanted the children to be able to find meaning, explore and relate this activity back to their real worlds, their reality.
Many of the children in the class love animals. At center time, they want to role play animals and pets. One child is the pet owner and the other is the puppy.  They have to feed, walk, and take care of the pet. It was during this play that the "puppy" got hurt. They asked, 'where do we take the puppy if it is hurt?'
This started a whole new learning experience when I introduced the animal doctor or "the Veterinarian". They were flooded with questions about this new idea of an animal hospital. We found the answers and later that day, we read the story 'Franklin Goes to the Doctor'. In this story Franklin the turtle needs x rays for his cracked shell.  We talked about x rays and what they are. This is where the light came on! I was  able to get some x rays of a coworker's pet and we opened up shop in our classroom! We created a Veterinarian clinic using the light table to examine the x rays and the fun began! The students found any stuffed animal they could get their hands on and the checkups started!


  1. What a neat, simple and elegant idea. And I think the real accomplishment here was that you followed your instincts as a teacher and let your students show you where to take them in the lesson. People often talk about technology vs. human teaching, and you show that this is a false dichotomy. Great teaching opportunities happen when we are intuitive and resourceful. And I'm glad you had this resource in mind for your students. Look at the learning adventure it opened up for them!

  2. Very cool idea Terry-Lynn. As a former vet tech I bet if you went in to a vet clinic, or even the vet college, and told them what you were up to they could find you some cool old x-rays. They are recycled after the legal time limit, but they are not worth much so I bet they would give them to you once the clients name has been removed. I remember doing some that would have been great. Preg checks showing a whole litter of puppies, skulls, snakes, birds, even a hamster or two.
    Your students are very lucky.