Thursday, June 17, 2010

Computers and Care Partners

Our school computer lab has the kid pix computer program. It is a fantastic program for beginner computer users.  It teaches the students how to effectively use the mouse and also be creative with drawing, writing, and designing.  For students Pre kindergarten age, they have fun stamping pictures on to the screen, writing their name, and using the different colored pencils to draw what they want. There is also a great user friendly booklet with a variety of activities and lesson plans for all ages in the primary grades.

I wanted to introduce my students to this program but it is difficult to introduce a program like this to 16 students ages 3 and 4.  I decided to ask their grade 5 care partners to join us in the computer lab and show us the ropes. The grade 5 students are very familiar with this program and were very eager to teach the Pre Kindergartens what they know.  The kids LOVED it!! Both big and small!! Together they came up with such creative works that they were able to print out and take home to show their families. The students were so proud, and I was surprised at how quickly the Pre Ks caught on to everything.  Their care partners were incredibly patient and helpful.  I just wish I would have tried this earlier in the year... next year I guess!

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  1. I love the idea of using your Grade 5 care partners to help teach this stuff. KidPix has been around for quite awhile, and I think you found why that is such an advantage. You have a whole group of older students who already know the program well enough to teach it!