Friday, June 18, 2010

Integrating Family Around The Classroom

Family involvement in the Pre Kindergarten program is an important element. Sharing a responsiblity for the growth and development of the child is an objective that this program strives for. Letting parents and students know the significance of family in the learning of the child is key to fostering good relationships and a sense of shared value. I begin the school year with home visits. This allows me to meet the families in their homes and begin the year by fostering a level of trust between home and school.  I take a family picture that I then take back to school and frame.  When the child begins school on the first day, they are walking into a classroom that they feel they are apart of.  They have developed a relationship with me and they can see by walking into the room, that apart of it is theirs.  There is a whole section of the classroom that is devoted to family with their family pictures displayed.  Next school year I will set up a digital picture frame and after every family day, field trip, or parent activity, I will down load pictures on to the frame.  This will allow the students to view these family experiences on a regular basis, instilling in them the value we hold in their families.


  1. I think, too often, we lose that touch with the intimate, personal side of our work. The connection you make with families is almost unheard of in most schools, but what an important statement it makes!

  2. I have a shelf with family photos in my room too! I take the pictures at open house and then put them up before they drop the kids off the first day. I think it says We are a team! Love it! :)