Friday, June 11, 2010

I Pods in Pre K

My students love music! We sing, dance, and play instruments on a regular basis. I love finding different multicultural CDs  that expose the students to the diverse ethnic musical opportunities.  We have a set of multicultural instruments that allow the kids to explore the different sounds, beats, and rythmns the music can provide.
I currently have a CD player and a bundle of cds in a case by the player. It works ok, but I have this great idea to purchase an i pod and player for the classroom.  I think it would be wonderful to take advantage of what itunes  has to offer with the wide selection of musical genres. I think it would great to be organized by playlist and to so easily choose the music you needed for the occasion.
It would be a taylor made music program that specifically meets the needs of our classroom.

I would love feedback by anyone who currently uses an i pod in their classroom instead of the standard cd and tape player.

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  1. I have used an iPod for all kinds of things, including developing playlists for different settings and occasions. It's a wonderful and simple way to design things exactly the way you want them. You've defined a great application for playlists, I think, and I would also encourage you to have the students help build their own playlists of favourite rhythms, instruments, etc.