Monday, June 7, 2010

We see the light in Building!

I few weeks ago I posted a blog about the light table we have in the classroom. I have placed it in a central area of the room, and the students are having a blast with it. We have finished exploring x rays and now it is set up for the love of building! I have set out light reflecting blocks and bases, as well as translucent magnetic tiles. The students have exceeded my expectations of creativity and exploration. They have explored color, light, and structure. They love the magnetic tiles so much that we will move on to explore magnetism during this next week using various magnets and settings. Oh, the fun never ends!!

I purchased the translucent blocks and magnetic tiles through the Childscope Educational Materials Inc. magazine. You could view some of the great materials on line at


  1. Suggestion... add a tag to all of your posts using this table as "light-table" and see how many uses come up for it in the coming months/years. My guess this is one of those sneaky technologies that keeps popping up and giving you new ways to explore ideas.

  2. How do you add a tag? This is all very new but I love the idea.

  3. Good question... I had to look it up in Blogger, as I actually use Wordpress for my main blogging activity. But it is pretty easy. As you create a new post, you'll see an area in the lower right-hand corner of the screen that asks for "Labels for this post". That's where you put your tags, and they can be numerous. The more different tags you use, the more likely people will find your post.